Our Greece is really inexhaustible: from beauty, from colors, from aromas, from history, from cultural heritage. If you are fascinated by the idea of discovering it through civilization and at the same time enjoying unique escapes, where beauty meets history, do scroll down!!!

This weekend especially you have one more reason to pop up to the all classic times Lady of the Argosaronic, Hydra. The reason is the Miaouleia in Hydra, the largest event of the island dedicated to the great Admiral Andreas Miaoulis. It held every year approximately at the last week of June. The events have already started from 15 June and culminate in this weekend from 24 to 25 July.  Countless boats and floating, including the frigate of the Navy in a festive mood, are timidly in the picturesque harbor. “Wearing their fine looks”, they look like they’re dancing in the foam shimmering in the night like tiny fireflies. The modern fire ship captains, silent in their seat, are ready to cause a stir. The scenery is completed by the crowds that overwhelm the paved waterfront to  “Live” the enactment of the naval battle of Gerontas and the burning of the Ottoman flagship. Romance and emotion blend harmoniously with pride and honor, inflaming the national morale. The evening closes with the impressive feast of colors that provoke fireworks and firecrackers, making the Argosaronikos sky shine. . This moment will be unforgettable.

Watch the video below with a snapshot of an older representation.

The annual feast for Miaouleia can only stand the reason for visiting the island, because there are enough reasons to fall in love with Hydra. And I guess we’re talking about love at first sight. It captivates you with its nobility and finesse; it beats you with its quality and authenticity. An island with a richly artistic character has been a source of inspiration for many domestic and international creators. And because, rather, the mercury will hit red in the next few days, seize the opportunity to cool down in the crystal clear Waters. Dive in the nearby rocky beaches, Spilia and Hydroneta, and enjoy legendary cocktails. Following the paved path, a dip is required in the beautiful small beach of Avlaki-Lay your towel on the concrete pier and surrender to the unique blue. Take the boat to the organized beaches of Mandraki, Agios Nikolaos, Bisti, Kaminia and Vlychos. Do not leave out a ride with the beloved patiently wheeled donkeys, the landmark of the island.