Welcome to PairedwithVintage! I am Valentina, a full time dreamer, a handmade lover and a full time employee, with the very regular ol 9 to 5. I have not quit my job and I have not sold all my belongings to travel with my backpack all over the world. While, this way of life is ideal and admirable the truth is that is not reality for a lot of people. If you reading these lines you probably belong to this category, but that doesn’t mean that you can΄t come up with this way of life, not at all. The secret of true life is to enjoy to the fullest the broths of different worlds and to combine your great affections.

That’s how the Paired with Vintage came about! Here you will find me writing about things I love, travel stories, microguides in neighborhoods of the world, “green” excursions, recipes, handmade constructions, and poems. I love creating handmade creations, appreciating the incredible Greek landscapes, smiling in front of the beauty of this world, collecting experiences and sharing them with you through my photographic albums. In Paired with Vintage you will not find tips of classic tourist guides. You will find personal discoveries and real experiences that will travel and inspire you.

As a girl of intense contrasts, my daily life is a colorful palette of adventurous touches. An adventure, a story is Paired with Vintage and I loved to be my partner in this trip by walking hand to hand together.

So, let’s explore together!!!!

Valentina /PairedwithVintage