In a fir-covered corner just below the serrated peaks of Mount Koziakas there is a divine path, which runs next to a fast-flowing river and enchants us mortals, the path of Asclepius in Gorgogyri village, Trikala. This is exactly the path we will cross today and enjoy its absolute winter beauty.


Asclepius, god or hero; It is a question that remains unanswered as does his place of birth. However, according to Strabo, it was said that Asclepius son of the god Apollo and the mortal Koronida, was born on the banks of Lithaios River, the ancient city of Trikke. He studied near the centaur Chiron, who taught him the art of herbal medicine. He lived and acted in ancient cityTrikke and fled to the foothills of the ancient Mount Kerketion or Koziakas of southern Pindus for the collection of its healing herbs and aromatic plants

Gorgogyri Trikala

The path of Asclepius is located in the village of Gorgogyri which is only 19 km away from Trikala. The village is built at an altitude of 206 meters at the roots of Mount Koziakas, the mountain of herbs, running waters and steep rocks. From there springs kefalopotamos that flows through the village and after a short trip it flows into the Pineios River. In this small corner of the prefecture of Trikala the rich nature rewards with myths and customs. A custom of the village that is lost in years and revived on New Year’s Day is that of Karkatzala. Groups of young people dressed as Karkatzalia with flaky capes, face masks and hanging bells pass by every house in the village to exorcise evil. The custom is so alive that in the village square welcomes visitors a four-meter wooden sculpture, Kalkatzaros, by the local woodcarver Angelos Pasiatzis. A fascinating world survives in Gorgogyri village with Greek myths and legends about imaginary beings, gods and heroes waiting for you to discover it.

Path Description

You have the option to start the route from 2 points:

  1. from the village square.

2. From the marked starting point on the road outside the village

The path is about 2.5km with the first 1.5km moving on a paved path and the rest of the way on a narrow passable dirt road. Along the entire length of the path you walk through the forest in a place full of herbs and always next to the hasty Kefalopotamos. The return can be made from the asphalt road and thus take a circular route or from the same route of the starting point. It is a short and passable path, without requirements, ideal for the whole family.

Follow the path of Asclepius

Like other young Asclepians, we ascend from the village in order to find ourselves in God’s of medicine purlieu and to unite ourselves with his myth.

We avidly enter the stone cobbled path and we are overwhelmed with emotion. A small frozen Eden unfolds ahead us. The landscape looks hyaline, cold light, gurgling waters that spring up among rocks, plants that encircle gripping the trunks, bare branches that spread like human hands and a nature that dances to the rhythms of winter. While Mother Nature appears to be sleeping, she is preparing for the upcoming spring.

We walk in absolute silence next to the thick amber carpet of plane leaves. This hollow silence is broken only by our footsteps that crumble the fallen leaves and by the healing sound of the kefalopotamos that keeps us company all the way. Besides, he is the protagonist of the path. A few meters further we find a touch of art, another work of Angelos Pasiatzis, and the permanent inhabitant of the path: a wood-carved statue depicting a seated man enjoying the beauty of the forest.

We continue our path admiring magical images, Small crystal clear natural pools, trunks that lean in the water trying to steal the secrets that come from the bowels of Koziakas and others that bridge the banks of the river. There is no shortage of unexpected encounters! A herd of sheep and goats clogs our way and completes the canvas of the authentic Greek countryside. The metallic melody of the bells floods the landscape. Gray, white, striped goats jump quickly in front of us in contrast to the scarred with red paint sheep who follow their own not at all hasty pace.

We enter the dirt path and continue to the small waterfall. It is an excellent spot for one last stop to catch all the beautiful images in our memory. We choose to return from the winding asphalt road, thus making a circular route.

We stand in the middle of the road and glimpse at the foggy and wild Mount Koziakas before turning our backs on it. Lying, I turned my head several times to admire him. Awe! So much beauty where comes from?

The Path of Asclepius is listed in the archive of my beautiful memories. If you find yourself in the prefecture of Trikala, it is worth walking and uniting with the myths!