Today I want to share with you 7+1 things worth doing in autumn Loutraki. During the summer months it may have its honor since it has beautiful crystal clear beaches, but it always remains a destination of 4 seasons. It is the absolute best-value city break that even a one-day trip will renew you so much that you think you are missing for days!

Like an old cinema…

Loutraki is a small town near Corinthos and is about 1 hour away from Athens. It is the oldest and most famous spa town in Greece with the natural thermal water from its springs having been characterized as “The Water of Life”. Cosmopolitan and cinematic, Loutraki was for many decades a favorite resort of the Athenians and was an ideal setting for film making.  A lot has changed since then but it still holds the scent of those old days. Loutraki is retro but never outdated. It’s always a surprise!

What to do on an autumnal day in Loutraki

  1. Brunch at Perla Kitchen Bar

Start your day at the Perla Kitchen Bar of the historic Pefkaki Hotel, to enjoy exquisite coffee and delicious brunch that is being discussed! Give a chance to salty pancakes and enjoy the view to the blue of the Corinthian Gulf. Your palate will be conquered and the elegant bright Perla Kitchen Bar will become your favorite habit when you are in the city.

  1. Walk by the Sea

From Pefkaki Hotel starts a wonderful route under pine trees that then take their place exotic palm trees. Along the way you will meet many successive benches that wait discreetly to hear the stories of passers-by. Sit down to share your own story and feel the autumn sea breeze ruffling your hair. They all stop at the waterfalls which, although artificial, are still impressive. Enjoy the spectacle!

The walk passes through squares and parks to meet the famous beach of Loutraki with cafes, restaurants, gelateria succeeding each other. You never get bored of this route! Just hold your mate’s hand for a romantic leisurely walk by the sea under the November sun. Below, the 3km pebbled beach still hosts those who dare to dive into the cool waters.

  1. Walk Back in Time

To discover the magic of the city and hark to its glorious past, let your feet lead you to its narrow alleys.

As unbelievable as it may seem to you, Loutraki was a neoclassical city and unfortunately there are not enough samples left of its architectural history. The abandoned Pallas Hotel on Lekka Street reveals some such elements of the past. Did you know that in the heart of the city, in the central square of Ethnikis Antistaseos and Eleftherios Venizelos, there was a railway station since 1955, when it was finally closed in 2007? The trains will blow the whistle again in Loutraki and the wagons will be put back on the rails in November 2021.

  1. Taste sensational ice cream

Walking in beautiful Loutraki you will meet many gelaterias that will attract your attention, but the best ice cream you will taste at DolceLato Gelateria Artigianale. Authentic flavors that your palate will love. The quality, taste and value – super! Try the amarena and pistachio, just shockingly.

  1. A stop at island boutique

There is no way to be in Loutraki and not stop to gaze at the instagraming showcase of ISLAND BOUTIQUE by Elsa Toli. With island mood and floral touches it is a fashion hot spot. Even if you don’t intend to indulge in shopping, it’s worth going inside and you have a look at the selected pieces in clothes, shoes, accessories, that it has.

  1. Visit St. Patapios Monastery

It is worth a visit to the Holy St.Patapios Monastery, which is perched on the slopes of Mount Geraneia, just above Loutraki. In the beautiful and quiet area of the monastery with the stone fountains and the flowery pots you are welcomed by the gentle nuns.

In the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is the Holy Skull of St. Patience. Right next to it is the cave where the relics of Agios Patapios are kept, where it was a hermitage of monks from the 11th century, as the stone inscription above the entrance reveals. In this devout atmosphere you are overwhelmed by peace and vastness. Also, a strong point of the monastery is the amazing view of the Corinthian Gulf and Loutraki

  1. Discover the mountainous village Pisia

Just 15 km from Loutraki, the village of Pisia is hidden, tweed away in the green embrace of Geraneia Mountains at an altitude of 650 meters. Dense forest, lush vegetation, plane trees, running waters, paved alleys and good food are some of the reasons worth visiting the picturesque Pisia

It is a great thrill to discover places less known and famous and even greater when they are so close to Athens. And Pisia has the authenticity and simplicity of the village that many of us are looking for kilometers away. A very nice walk, apart from those in the village, is the stone-built route to the small church of Agios Athanasios that has been characterized as a Byzantine monument

A little further up in a unique location drowned in the plane trees is the tavern Platanos, known to hikers.

Another excellent choice and tested is the tavern “The Pisia” in the center of the village. This is a cosy and nice place, with kind people and good prices.

  1. Experience the power of a sunset

Meet a gorgeous sunset. Returning from Pisia and descending to Loutraki you will find many corners to enjoy the magical spectacle. Park your car aside, hug your mate and watch the sun give his last fiery kiss to his blue mistress, while you get lost in the colors of its sunset.

Dive into romance! These are the little miracles that are generously given to us. Live them!

I hope you liked this guide to the things you can do in the autumnal Loutraki and inspired you to visit the area. Since it is one of my favorite places to visit outside of Athens, we will return again. Because, there is much more to see and discover!