It is not used to snowing often in Athens but when it happens the spectacle is unique. Today we will walk through the snowy streets of Athens and pass in front of wonderful snowy monuments. Dress warmly and wear your playful mood because a walk in snowy Athens is just beginning!

This walk passes through the center of Athens from Kallimarmaro to Dionysiou Areopagitou and the historic neighborhood of Plaka.

First stop at the beloved and majestic Kallimarmaro whose whites rock it! It is the Ideal place to remember your childhood by starting a snow fight especially when the snow is fluffy and fresh.

Snow= break, it put your daily life on ice for a while! Snow makes you escape the rat race and start observing the details around you. Embrace with your gaze these little details on the way to Zappeion. Some monuments and statues that you may not have noticed, now speak to your soul because you see them from a perspective that you had not imagined.

Zappeion, the frenzy of joy and excitement: artistic snowmen, unstoppable snow-fights, good shots snowballs and rolling snow-angels. Zappeion seems to fit everything regardless of age. It gives the feeling that it is the Hyde Park of Athens.

On the Great Promenade to Amalias Avenue you will find many excellent sculptures wrapped in snow that give you wonderful images

Your feet will lead you in front of Hadrian’s Gate which will become your frame for the snowy slopes of the Sacred Rock.

The neighborhood of Paka always fascinates, more so in its white blanket. The snow spread lacy in its narrow alleys, on its stone steps, on its ceramic pots, on its tiled roofs and creates a cinematic setting.

A snowy island is Anafiotika! This picturesque district wrapped in the white veil spreads magic and offers wonderful views of the snowy city and the surrounding mountains.

Next stop the pedestrian street of Dionysiou Areopagitou where the snow adds a little more grandeur. The snow-white branches and the snowy cobbled path offer a fleeting beauty that can be etched in our memory

The view of the Herodes Atticus and the Acropolis is magnificent to say the least. Sprinkled with snowflakes, the Acropolis looks like Winter Wonderland!!! Snow has a name, Hope!

And don’t forget, the penguin walking  to avoid any accidents!