The archipelago
And the prow of its foams
And the gull of its dreams
On its highest mast the sailor waves
A song

Its song
And the horizons of its voyage
And the echo of its nostalgia
On her wettest rock the betrothed awaits
A ship

Its ship
And the nonchalance of its summer winds
And the jib of its hope
On its highest undulation an island cradles
The coming

The playing waters
In shady passages
Speak the dawn with their kisses
Which begins


And the wild doves vibrate
A sound in their cave
Blue waking in the fount
Of day


The northwester gives the sail
To the sea
Caresses of hair
To the carefreeness of its dream

Wave in the light
Again gives birth to the eyes
Where Life sails toward

Sea surf kiss on its caressed sand—Eros
The gull gives the horizon
Its blue liberty
Waves go come
Foaming answering in the ears of shells

Who took the blond sunburnt girl?
The sea breeze with its transparent blowing
Tilts the sail of dream
Far out
Eros murmurs its promise—Sea surf.

Odysseas Elytis