Plastiras Lake dressed in white and captivates us with its harmonious beauty. Its innumerable lace bays, sprinkled with snow, look like an embroidered handicraft. The picturesque villages, like small stone lightbulbs, nestled between firs and chestnuts, adorn the mountainous Agrafa massif. Plastiras Lake rocks in the heart pof Winter. The alpine scenery invites us to enjoy the magnificent 55km road around the lake. From the village of Moschato following the provincial road Karditsa-Kastania we will move west. The first pictures of the lake pop up in a timid manner. The white veil that extends to the blue waters of the lake creates a magical landscape. Serenity, tranquility and purity. A journey of the soul into the heart of the Agrafa begins.

On the beach of Lambero village, the lonely tables add extra points to the wild beauty of winter.

The lake is bathed in the playful sunlight!

Untamed horses stealing the show.

Beauty is everywhere, even on the bare branches of trees. The time of Regrowth also has its grace.

The road takes us after the village of Mucha to the Tauropos Dam, inspired by Nikolaos Plastiras, which became a reality in 1959 by the then Prime Minister of the country. Prolonged stands of local produce supply visitors with local produce.

Shortly before the village of Belokomiti, we meet the gurgling frozen waters of the river Karytsiotis that flow into the lake.

Our stops are enough to enjoy the view of the lake with backdrop the snowy mountainstop of Agrafa. Impressive Greek fjords reminiscent of Norway but with the beauty of Greece

 A stop in the village of Neochori is necessary, the balcony of the lake. It is a traditional village that spreads out over many neighborhoods offering panoramic views and warm hospitality.

Next stop is Kalyvia Pezoulas village, commonly the beach of the lake. It is probably the most developed village of Lake Plastira Municipality with an organized beach, the famous Pezoulas beach.

let’s dive better in the summer!As for now it is safer to practice archery or take an unforgettable horse ride.

The circle closes with the most beautiful images and the whitest lakeside walk.