Summer is coming. The weather warming up and nothing can keep us inside home. Before you escape to the nearby beaches, spread a rug in the green oases around the capital. Pack your hamper and let me show you my three favorite’s spots to picnic around Athens.


Park of Freedom Square – Megaro, Athens Concert Hall

Athens has many green spaces to picnic, but the idyllic one for those who have limited time or are not able to leave outside the city walls, is the park of Freedom Square, in Megaro Concert Hall metro station. In the heart of central city, easily accessible to everyone it has turned into the new green hot spot of the center. Lie down on its lawn, feel the sunbeams coming through the leaves and enjoy a frozen glass of wine or a refreshing coffee.

Alternatively, you can make a break time from the frantic paces of daily life, by reading your favorite book or meet your friends and have an al fresco lunch under the Athens’s sky.

Hymmetus mountain – Eastwards

The invaluable Hymmetus mountain has so many spots to unwind your classic red and white tablecloth, that you cannot even imagine. Some are not so visible and you are invited to discover them. However, the spot at Saketa camp is full of life and it gets flooded in locals, especially the weekends. However, there is plenty of room for everyone. The wooden picnic tables that are scattered around make it even comfier to organize a Sunday al fresco lunch with friends or an alternative birthday party. We made it, with great success!

Its natural shade, lush vegetation and fresh air, it makes it the perfect place for mind gateways into the city.

Its natural shade, lush vegetation and fresh air, it makes it the perfect place for mind gateways into the city..

Tatoi- Northward

At 42,000 acres unwinding in front of you, there is no way you cannot find your own spot to dive into luxuriant pure greenery of the lawn. Idyllic paths, rare species of flora and fauna, dense forests of conifers, stretched olive groves, your look get lost in the vast expanse of green.

Undoubtedly, the former royal country residence is an important lung of the Attic countryside and was not accidentally chosen by King George A’ at that time. Its faded recent story makes it even more mysterious and seductive. Unfortunately, much of it, including the former royal palaces, remains untapped, grassy and abandoned.


Thousands of Athenians visit Tatoi at weekends as it is a superb antidote to the stress of the city. The meatballs come in tubs, the games of the children are fired up and the ticklish laughs of the visitors echoing all around. Unwind your blanket and enjoy the moment!