You don’t have to go too far to travel to beautiful beaches and deep blue waters. There is an island that closes all of Greece: scents and aromas, mountain and sea, fir and pine, plane trees and rivers, waterfalls and gorges. A colorful sea horse that has been hooked in the waters of the Aegean Sea. That’s Evia, the second-largest Greek island. In our minds, Evia may have been imprinted as the classic destination of the weekend and we may not include it in our holiday plan. It’s unfair because, it’s not just a classic island. It is special with countless choices and unexpected beauties. So, today with this post we will travel to my favorite’s beaches of Evia Island, until I find the next ones.


My number one. On this beach I have built one of the most beautiful and powerful moments of my life. This corner of Greece we chose with George for the new beginning of our common life.  We loved this little Lilliputian creek that became our personal paradise. And maybe it’ll be yours!

It won us by the incredible vivid green reflecting in the crystal clear waters creating a wet turquoise palette.  Ιn some places the waters are a little colder due to the springs from Mount Kandili that end up in the sea. The balcony of Daphne beach is the homonymous tavern – bar that looks at the blue of the Eviakos bay. The tavern Daphne, cool and tasty is also a good reason to visit the area. It offers delicious dishes with fresh and local ingredients and delicious summer cocktails. The view is unique.

The beach of Daphne is located only 32 km away from Chalkida and you will arrive there following the road to The Politics of Evia.

I will take you to northeastern Evia with a view to Aegean Sea and a series of unique beaches that succeed each other. In the last three years I have become one of the faithful visitors to the area. And if you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll definitely have figured it out from the frequent posts and stories.


This summer, set up your tent in Makrygialos Vlachia! You only need the essentials. The beach is spread out and fits everyone: families, couples and lonely travelers. The natural dense shade of the towering plane trees that reach the beach is a resort of free campers. It’s a safe choice to set up your tent since there are traces of culture as long as it takes. The canteen that counts 25 years, grill the most delicious souvlaki and achieves the greatest frappé. But also the tavern on the right offers the freshest crumbs you’ve ever eaten. And the two shops are honest and very -very economical. The same with the tavern located high in the village, the balcony of the Aegean Sea, which as the name reveals the view it offers is unique. The vivid green meets the deep blue, a combination that gives you energy and serenity.

A must stop on this natural balcony that overlooks the shades of Greece. The beach in August is sinking by people and campers. You’ll enjoy it and appreciate it more out of high season. At its length, the seabed alternates from stony to sandy. The further to the left you head, the richer it is in sand. There, all the way down the verdant hill, is my favorite spot where we set up our summer home.

Next to the sea, to be lulled by the splash of the waves and to accompany us the song of the cicada. From here begins a path that leads to the next beach, Potami.


A small bay, surrounded by rocks that closes a natural swimming pool with turquoise waters. This is the Potami beach of Vlachia. Access is difficult whether you follow the path from Makri Gialos or you will follow the main road after the village and you will turn left where the garbage bins are located. The car goes down to a point, unless someone has a Jeep. You continue on foot and in 10 to 15 minutes, you will meet a small settlement by ecologists. A group of people, redefining their way of life, settled at this point leaving behind the city life. The most impressive thing is that they chose the natural structure for the construction of their houses. Continuing, walking in the lush vegetation, you come across a stream that leads to the small secluded beach. The rocks left and right offer their shade.


It seems that the Saracen pirates shearing through the Greek seas left their name as legacy on several wonderful beaches. Their common element except of the name is their unique and special beauty. In Evia there are two beaches that listen to the name Sarakiniko.

Through a breathtaking journey, in a scenic landscape with wild beauty and natural alternations of mountain and sea, we will tootle, shortly after Vlachia in the settlement of Sarakiniko and on its homonymous beach. This little paradise is well hidden! Following a small path drowned in the pine trees you will find yourself in the slightly lunar landscape.

Its beach is enchanting, exotic with black – gray pebbles, crystal clear waters and views of the small rocky island called Xerokaravo. The wild sweet landscape marries harmoniously with absolute silence. Calm and relaxation! This graphic cove will charge you with energy.

Now, I’ll take you to Central Evia to dive to its most popular beach, Hiliadou!


I don’t know if the journey or destination counts more, as Cavafis taught us. In this particular case, however, both matter equally! The journey to the mountainous Evia, through the beautiful mount Dirfi reserves many surprises.

It has it all: Beautiful villages, with Steni village rightly standing out, many running waters, plane trees, waterfalls, dense fir forests, high altitude ups and downs. You will definitely steal many beautiful pictures but you will keep the last as a favorite as you will face from above the deep blue vast Aegean sea with the spread beach of Chiliadou. Your destination! After a green route, the view of the endless beach will impress you. The lacy beach is separated by rocks creating individual small beaches and small coves.

The waters are incredible, clear and emerald. It has a wild beauty that fascinates you.

On the left, a huge rock sown in the sea is the entrance to the nudist beach. It officially testifies to the imprint with the white paint ” Nudist Beach A.P. 1043/81″. Chiliadou has fanatical lovers and loyal visitors. Mostly, however, it is a favorite destination for free campers. The beach is constantly growing and there are several taverns, canteens and cafes that can meet all your needs.