The first high temperatures are the reason for our summer plans to come out of sleep mode and look for ideal destinations for our summer dives. In an unknown and unexplored place I will take you today, to the small raw island of the Ionian Sea, Kalamos.

In early August, warm to hot and the boat from Mytikas Aitoloakarnanias is half full, mainly with locals who were thrown ashore for their usual shopping. Bags overflow and spread out on their feet. The last tickets have been cut and the route Mytikas – Kalamos – Kastos is ready for departure. In 20 minutes, according to the captain, we will be in the heaven on earth, which hears in the name Kalamos and is located southeast of Lefkada. We got the best seat in the stern and left ourselves in the senses of the Greek summer. Our 2hands playing with the waves, our faces accepting the cool caress of the wind and our eyes facing a pine cone, a tall mountainous volume dipped in the sea.

Kalamos Settlement-Port

We’re entering the picturesque tiny harbor. The sailing yachts and the boats are dancing in the waves! After all, Kalamos island is a well-known wind-up mooring. The picture fills by the taverns with the painted blue tables – seats. The rest of the settlement spreads amphitheatrical with stone houses and big uphill.

And no taxis, no buses, no cars, you’ve already left yours behind in Mytikas.   For any transportation you can be served by local’s trunks that are anchored in the port. With a jump we found ourselves in the back of Makis‘s trunk. The Kalamos little port is the island’s capital and the place where develops all the social life.

The island

The island of the 500 permanent residents is small with lack of tourist infrastructure. There only few rented rooms and exotic beaches for those who love free camping. If you’re looking for luxuries, you’re in the wrong place. Kalamos is a paradise of simplicity and authenticity and can only be appreciated by those who desire real contact with nature and absolute relaxation.

Here the rhythms fall and time freezes in today with images of yesterday. It fills you with touches of nostalgia of past times, times of innocence and carelessness.

Incomparable beauty! Imagine an island of Sporades in the middle of Ionian Sea. Emerald – green waters, natural harbors and lush pine-covered vegetation licking the sandy beaches.

Episkopi Settlement

There is one main road in the island which connects Kalamos with the only other settlement, Episkopi. Ascending high mountains and passing through an amazing pine forest you can reach Episkopi. The settlement is reminiscent of a typical Greek village with concrete courtyards, vines and an irregular road leading to the beach. The one and only café-bar-restaurant, is a canteen, one of those which serving souvlaki and Greek salad. Enjoy a cold beer and call Makis to pick you up.

On your way to Episkopi you will meet the ruined Venetian Castle of Kalamos , also called Kastromonastiro. Impressive enough are the beautiful interior arches of the castle which are converted into outer battlements.


The most famous and beautiful beach of the island is located 2 km from the port of Kalamos and is Myrtia beach. An exotic full hug of white fine pebbles and turquoise waters is waiting for you to swim.  Tropical scenery. It is not organized and is accessible even on foot.

Close to the port is another beautiful beach with fantastic clear waters, Agripidia beach.

A trademark of this beach is the old windmill that gives an extra touch of beauty to the whole scenery. The picturesque family tavern Voskopoula on the beach will fill you with amazing flavors at affordable prices.

Further west from Agripidia , you can walk to the ruined settlement of Porto Leone, a name given by the Venetians. It is a charming well-protected by the winds bay, where the pirates once found shelter.

Just before the Castle, an asphalted road will lead you to the beach of Agios Konstantinos. A small harbor with pine trees which quench their thirst in the waters and a small stone chapel of Agios Donatos.

The island has many privte beaches and small hidden bays that most are accessible by sea, such as Trachilos, Asprogiali, Kedros, Pefki, Kipoi.

Kalamos is a virgin island. An island that does not obey the madness of tourism but travels you through decades of yesterday through its simple architecture and simple hospitality. If you want an alternative destination for your vacation, anchor kalamos island this summer.