One of the best things I enjoyed on my last trip to London is that I had the opportunity to explore some of his most interesting neighborhoods.  If you really want to meet the real London, with its contrasts and diversity, stay away from the city’s tourist attraction and travel outside zone A. With this post, we will dig into one of the most exciting and alternative neighborhoods of south London, the Brixton.

Brixton London

The once “bad Boy” of Greater London is a neighborhood that in recent years has thrown off its notoriety and has become a source of creativity and inspiration. Brixton is a colorful blend of nationalities and cultures, with the largest proportion of its inhabitants coming from Latin America and Africa. Mediterranean Italians, Spanish and Portuguese, have a significant presence in the mosaic of nationalities. Marginalized and backwardness, until recently, carries many traumas and a lot of history with important station the famous uprising of Brixton: It was in April 1981 when Brixton rebels against the harsh economic policy of Thatcher and the area’s hard policing. The news of the death of the Blacksmith Lady in 2013, which was celebrated in the streets of the neighborhood, was a significant moment for the Βrixton. Its inhabitants, from whatever corner of the earth they come from, are authentic, explosive and demonstrative. They go out to the streets to express their sadness and joy. That’s the magic of it.  In today, Brixton is a safe neighborhood where not only the times but also the tribes are roommates. Your visit there will fill you with energy and optimism. You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the world. You will walk in various cultures, taste a variety of ethnic food, you will hear genuine street music. You’ll feel alive. You’re going to feel what you really are, part of the world. Citizen of the world. It’s an authentic neighborhood, where you’ll feel intimate and warm. Because, Brixton embraces diversity, loves multiplicity, respects individuality, promotes equality. Vibrant and noisy, it represents exactly what the whole of London stands for: multi- culture.

Why are you going to Brixton?

In Brixton you will go because it is a culinary destination. It’s the paradise of worldwide cuisine. A visit to the covered markets, Market Row and Brixton Village in the heart of the quarter, will convince you. These two markets with over 150 independent shops, represent the spirit throughout the region. Small ethnic restaurants, tropical flavors, rich varieties and coffee blends, small markets with separate products, fresh goods and vintage clothes and accessories.

They are two separate markets and are located behind the Brixton Underground Station. Don’t leave unless you try a Colombian meal in the refreshed colorful CARIOCA.

You will drink the best coffee and the most exotic cocktails in SEVEN AT BRIXTON, in a retro interior decor and lively artistic touches.

Make a visit to the Nour Cash and Carry market to get lost in the Middle East world.

To feel the pulse of the everyday life of a popular but cultural quarter. Because Brixton is also a musical destination. The birthplace of David Bowie hosts the most famous music scenes in London, including the O2 Academy and Electric. But his streets are overflowing with talented artists who unfold their talents and cheer you up. Brixton, also has inspired several world-renowned artists to write and sing about this beyond the center of the “sedentary” neighborhood of London. The Clash with the famous the Guns of Brixton, Amy Winehouse with me and Mr. Jones, Simple Minds with Up on the Catwalk and several others.

To walk on Electric Avenue.  This paved street with the Victorian facades was constructed in 1880 and was the first market Street to electrified. Today it continues to host along the local businesses and flea market.

Because of Brixton commercial spirit and innovation. In their effort to boost the local economy, Brixton prints its own currency, the Brixton pound. Brixton pound gives a boost to the local market with several contracted shops.

To visit BOOKMONGERS. If you’re a bookworm, this place is going to love it. Bookmongers is a second hand bookstore in Coldharbour Ln. You will burry yourself in the stacks of thousands of books and dig up priceless treasures at bargain prices.

How to get to Brixton

Brixton is located in London’s Zone B and is covered by a well-organized public transport network, making it easily accessible. The best choice is by Tube, with direct connection from the Victoria Underground Station. Within minutes from the center of the British capital you will find yourself in this lively district of south London. And the only sure thing is that by leaving you’ll get a piece of Brixton with you.