<Then love shook my heart like the wind that falls on oaks in the mountains>Eros. The cheater winged god whose arrows strike right into our hearts. Even himself has fallen victim to his unforgeable love! In his name wars have begun, castles have fallen, love stories have been written with blood and some others with happy end! Today it celebrates. Cliché? Perhaps. Cynical too? It could be. He celebrates both today and tomorrow and every tomorrow. Let the cause and not the reason to become a little more romantic in our daily lives.

Hold your mate’s hand and experience the romantic side of our Athens. There is, and it looks great on it. And it suits you… Love, of course!

Dionysiou Areopagitou

Walk down the path of the moon and civilization. Dionysiou Areopagitou is one of our first choices for those nights with the full moon, which becomes our guide and the sunny Sundays. A galaxy of crowd around you but as you cross it you feel your heart to grow with romance and pride. And there’s no crowd but just the two of you. It fills you with emotions all day and all the hours. Dionysiou Areopagitou with its Art Nouveau mansions, the music that melodically dress your walks, its shiny museum and the view of the Acropolis to accompany you is the most romantic and the most beautiful pedestrian street of Athens all over. Its energy calms the soul. And you know, Eros and Soul was a couple, with a shocking love story!

In the little Lanes of Plaka

The labyrinthine alleys of Plaka no matter how many times you walk them always remain romantic and seductive. Time seems to be stopping. You’re captured in his gears. The yore. Τhe new. Picturesque taverns, colorful café, uphill stairs, jasmine aroma, steamed coffee, distant corners. Laughs. Voices! People, squash, but it doesn’t bother you, because you’re taking the opportunity to clutch his/her hand harder. Bring the bodies closer, the souls! Liveliness, brightness, romance, this is Plaka. And we like it. And we love her. And tell me, there’s someone who hasn’t even given a kiss in its alleyways!!!?

Lycabettus Hill

Love is in the air… Lycabettus is the most romantic and erotic hill of the city. It can be saucy and forbidden as well. There’s no room for words. Love comes through labels. From its benches, you have the most shocking view, all of Athens on your plate. Lay the scene, a beer in hand, an Athenian breeze touching lightly your hair and your mate in your arms. You don’t want more to be happy. But if you’re looking for something more, you’re going up to the most tasteful balcony of Athens, the all-day bar restaurant HORIZONS, for a romantic dinner overlooking the lights of the vibrant capital.

Onassis Cultural Center of Athens

There’s nothing more romantic than starting your evening with a kiss. And let alone when this happens under Rodin’s masterful – original copy, ‘KISS’, located in the foyer of the Onassis Roof and Arts Foundation. Your harmony, tenderness, dynamism and passion awaken the masterful work of Auguste Rodin. The KISS originally represented Paolo and Francesca lovers of Medieval Times who were murdered by the cheating husband while exchanging their first kiss. Sacred Love. Love without logic.  Love to death. Love and Art. Another love story that was forever sealed. Continue the evening with an unforgettable gastronomic experience on the 6th floor at the amazing Hytra Bar & Restaurant. Because, as the wise people say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

Flisvos Marina

The most romantic moment of the day is the one that finds you in the sea cuddling with your other half. And when this moment happens to be accompanied by the explosive spectacle of a sunset it becomes even more erotic. A sweet picture, a frame of love! The serenity of the sea, the splash of the waves, the red orange of the sky release whispered love words, forever I love you, hidden confessions. Small miracles, expensive treasures that the sea knows how to keep well-guarded. That blue one inspires us. It calms us down. It’s transforming us. It makes us caring. And we have plenty of blue. In 20 minutes from the center of Athens is Flisvos Marina, for very close blue romantic getaways.

Treno sto Rouf – Original Wagon Restaurant

Make an appointment with your mate at the Dock of the Treno sto Rouf with luggage only your love for a very romantic evening. Boarding the last wagon, the wagon restaurant, for a candlelight dinner. Love enters the train tracks and the journey begins. Atmospheric backdrop with low light and a mystery to hinge. Behind the heavy curtains, the steamy windows keep you detached from the outside world. Love bends over and faces meet in the light of the candle. Taken from another era! Step into the next wagon, to the wagon bar to continue the adventure with legendary cocktails. Finally, Love…is a mystery train!