Christmas, the great Feast of The Nativity has been a source of inspiration for many Greek poets, who, through their lyrics, are touching and warming our hearts. Poetry helps us to see life with other eyes, with those of the soul and help us to feel the deepest meaning of Christmas. The magic of the poetic word sends messages of love, of faith, of hope, of redemption. It reminds us that the miracle is born and thrives within us. I have chosen three favorite poems of great creators to share with you.


If you could hear

I would give you my soul

take her to the edge of the world.

Make her a walking star or a wood

lit for the Christmas – in the fireplace of the Negroid

or the Greek peasant. Make her a blooming apple tree

in the prisoners ‘ windows.

I may not exist until tomorrow.

If you could hear

I would give you my soul

Do it at night

visible notes, color,

in the air of the world.

Do it love .



Another night I heard him crying next door.

I knocked on the door and I walked in. He showed me a small wooden cross on the nightstand.

“You saw–” compassion is born! Then I leaned over the head and cried myself.

Because it would have been centuries and centuries, and we wouldn’t have to say anything nicer than that.


Oh! Inside me a God is born!

And my body becomes a temple,

not as a humble crèche first;

Inside me are shining skies,

My brow shines like a star.

To God reveal now, the time has come,

from your unknown secret places,

Wise Men, bring to God the rich gifts.

Bring Me Wise Men — Divine Will writes it —

The myrrh of Hope, the frankincense

of faith, of love the Gold.

such mysteries could not fathom a man’s mind!

And You, Thrones, pure, angels,

in my heart — in his cradle — bowed,

with Immortality songs

praise the Nativity.

Inside me are shining skies,

And my body, a humble crèche,

I see and change, it becomes a temple;

Oh! Inside me a God is born!