Picture the scene: narrow white-washed alleys adorned with bougainvillea, white cubed-shaped houses helded together with blue blooming windows. No, you are not in a Greek Cycladic island, somewhere in the middle of Aegean. But, you are in the heart of central Athens, in Anafiotika neighbourhood.

For those, who have been in Anafi island, they feel its vibes and energy. For those, who haven’t been in this small paradise yet, they get a taste of the simplicity that characterizes it.

This old neighborhood under the slopes of sacred Acropolis is a miniature of Anafi, a small island of Aegean next to famous Santorini. How not to be? Since it was created in the middle of 19o century when workers refuges from Anafi came to Athens for work. Together they carried all the love and culture of their island and they planted it into this place.

The voyage –without a ferry this time- begins from St. George of the Rock chapel. It is usually closed and mysteries are rarely performed. But, today, the gate is opened, because Mr. Vasilis whiten the courtyard and welcome visitors and useful information.

Following a labyrinth of narrow alleys, you will travel mentally till remote Anafi. Enjoy your trip!