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Airy and svelte nestled on the foot of Parnassos Mountain; Vargiani quietly weaves the web of her virgin beauty and captures you forever.


The sign remarkable traditional settlement, shortly after the historic Gravia village fills you with great expectations as you turn the steering wheel to enter the uphill winding road. A unique route that scramble up the slopes of the western side of Mount Parnassus. The first stone houses with the shingle roofs begin to faint. Background the peak Gerokekas stands on the other side of Mount Giona. Welcome to Vargiani, the fairy of Mount Parnassus. The stone seems to have taken root for good in this place. The small traditional settlement of Vargiani with only 40 inhabitants, the 100 stone houses, the fountains, the centuries-old plane trees and the many running waters is a revelation!

It is still undiscovered and unseen still to the many but familiar and seen to those who know how to distinguish the hidden treasures. Some had discovered this small village many years ago; And Vargiani got a film career with great success.

‘So I rooted for good here. And I got used to it, as a matter of fact. And if you ask me in the background, I don’t regret it.’

With these words, Nasos Kaskakas, who embodies a photographer, is introduced in the folklore series , which unfolds in Vargianni. The TV series was screened with great success by the public television (ERT) in 1977 two years before the introduction of color television in Greece.

Others had abandoned i, to pursue the American dream. Vargianni experienced migration and desolation. Today, however, it blooms quietly away from the crowds.

And there are those who are discovering it now. It’s time here to start our travel. To confess to you that my Vargianni was completely unknown and wasn’t our main destination, but it ended up becoming. She managed on this trip to monopolize our interest even though our original purpose was only to visit its famous attraction


All the magic of this place is hidden in a cave, the Fairy Cave of Vargiani! For years now nestled on the slopes of West Parnassos she weaves with great mastery the myths that counts years now and knows well how to keep them alive. This fantastic cave, which is full of stalagmites and stalactites, inside has twelve stone basins. Twelve ponds. And when they’re filled with water, the spectacle is dreamy. It’s a secret paradise hidden halfway to the top, Geroleka. To reach the cave requires a hiking route of about 2 hours through dense vegetation.


•Begin to know the village with a hike to the famous Fary Cave. Put on your mountaineering boots and let your restless spirit lead you to green adventures.

Nonpareil scenery with verdant slopes, huge fir trees, panoramic views and large doses of oxygen. An experience that will surely be unforgettable.

•After such an adventure you need to get back all your lost energy! A must do stop at ZERNAS tavern in the village square is necessary.

There you will be greeted in hospitable by the young couple Maria and Elias, owners of the tavern. Traditional dishes with local flavors in a warm and friendly atmosphere reflect the landscape of mountainous Vargiani.

•Walk through the village. Slip on the cobbled streets and admired its hundred stone diamonds.

Walk through the village. Slip on the cobbled streets and admired its hundred stone diamonds. The monotony of grey stone breaks the green background of the fir forest, the red geraniums in the improvised pots and the yellow of the Chestnut leaves. Pull towards the paved square with a foreground of St.Agia Paraskevi Church.

Stone on stone. The picture speaks for itself. Right across the street the Folklore museum of Vargiani, worth a visit.

A culture area with unique collections. Sat down for a cup of coffee at the Café Scholeion, which is housed in the old school of the village. It serves Greek “tradition” and retains the charm and atmosphere of the old days.

•Quenche your thirst at Bourboula springs, the stone gem of Vargiani. Under the old plane trees run seven stone fountains with burbling waters. The dance of water and the natural landscape calms you down.

•If you’re hungry again, next door is the traditional Tavern Bourbula.

The wooden balcony offers a unique view but its big secret is hidden inside. In her vibrant underground world; the soundtrack the stone fountain that runs nonstop, heats the beat. A folklore tavern with kind owners and with very filling delicious honest dishes.

•Walk through the sacred paths of St. Athanasios and St. Ilias.

Just outside the village, between centuries-old plane trees, fluffy firtrees and countless springs, is the chapel of Agios Athanasios. Nature’s most elegant ballet attracts you. Ease into the rhythm.

Continue through the forest dirt road for the chapel of St. Lia. A route with unique natural effects; the thick veil of golden-red maple leaves and the small strange creations of our nature.

Vargianni still retains a mild tourist character and that is what makes this small settlement even more charming. It has two guesthouses, Archontolithos and Ifigenia, offering conditions of exceptional quality accommodation. From Athens it is 210 km and 337 km from Thessaloniki.

If you believe in good fairies and you seek virgin places, then Vargianni is your next destination.

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