Milos is quiet and charming. An self-confident island with strong personality: It emits a dynamic beauty and tranquility that captures even the most demanding traveler. There’s no doubt that it’s 70 plus exotic beaches make the island outstanding and unique. Another equally strong point is it’s long history, it’s archaeological identity and it’s geological morphology. Milos looks like an explosive color palette – it combines harmonically, the classical whitewashed Cycladic with golden-red touches, lunar white and brighter blue. A tropical paradise with more than 25 shades of blue. You will dive in pure azure or in deep turquoise!!! According to Forbes magazine, Milos landed in the top 6 best places to travel for the summer of 2017. But, better speak in images.

This is a view to remember: Sarakiniko!!!


A lunar scenic



The unusual white rocks in contrast with the blue sea.


The pictursque fishing village of Klima.


Naturally beautiful Kleftiko!!!

Explore the caves and if you are adventurous enough swim through them.

These sandstone rock formations and hidden caves was used by Pirates of Cyclades centuries ago!!!

Gerontas…discover the small caves through the beach!!!


Fyriplaka beach from the top…simply stunning!

If you are looking for some adventure Tsigrado beach is for you. The access to the beach is the interesting part-you need to climb down a cliff by rope- but it is definitely worth seeing!

Papafragkas : this microscopic shady beach is sourounded by two huge cliffs.

The way to get down…..

Waiting for the sunset…

Unforgettable sunset from the Venetian Castle !!!

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