The ultimate drive around the lake of Ioannina

The biggest sultana of Ioannina has spread its charm in the heart of Epirus. Known as the lake of Ioannina, it is the watery mirror of the mountainous tumors Mitsikeli and Tomarou that embrace it. Any time of year you visited it, you will be fascinated! It’s a frozen painting in the winter, a flowery vision in the spring, an idyllic romantic lady in the summer, a cupric beauty in the autumn. Get off the main touristy walk under the city’s castle and ferret around for its secrets and history by following the lakeside drive of 30km. You’ll be impressed with what you find.
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One of the best ways to feel the uniqueness of Meteora and become part of this miracle of nature is to walk on their paths. There are passable routes for beginners and experienced climbers. Whichever route you follow, the only sure thing is that the scenery will enchant you. My current photographic travelogue is dedicated to the path of the Holy Spirit. Although it is a short route, at the end you will leave richer in images and senses.