This time of year has come when our soul is illuminated and our heart warms up. Season of Love!

This year, Pairedwithvintage creates charms with the theme “The Christmas of Greek poets”. It sends messages moving, hopeful and liberating, imprinted on the handmade creations. The creative pen of Drosinis, Palamas, Leivaditis travels us to the deepest meaning of Christmas and fills us with images of Greek tradition.

Another night, I heard him crying next door.

I knocked on the door and I came in

Show me on the nightstand a little wooden cross.

“See-he says-compassion was born.”

Then I leaned over the head and cried myself.

Because centuries-and centuries would pass

And we wouldn’t have to say anything nicer than that.

Tasos Livaditis

Send your message of love and hope by choosing a handmade lucky charm with the aroma of Greece.