If you’re tired of the overloaded classic and traditional Christmas trees and you’re in the mood to make a different and impressive statement this Christmas, I have two, proven ideas for you to inspire.

The truth is, I’m not totally classic, so I thought this year to add new touches to the décor of the house. So I experimented with favorite items that I already had and completely inexpensively I had the following results.

Christmas Tree from Books

Recruited every book I had in my library to make my own eco-friendly Christmas tree. A pile of history, fiction, Mystery and knowledge, pages that go over to moments, some lovely and some less lovely. They take life again brighten a small corner of the house. I created a warm Christmas atmosphere with a lot of emotion, because Christmas gives birth to emotions. With the necessary lights and small decorative figures it turns into a pretty thought-out Christmas suggestion

Christmas Tree from Pallet

A personalized Christmas tree full of meaning and a lot of love, made from photos of loved ones. Isn’t it wonderful to feel the feeling that your own people are near you? Even though, if this is through a photo? All I needed were pictures, string, colorful pegs to give a more festive touch and a pallet. If you don’t have a pallet, there are alternative, you carry your idea to an empty wall or a frame!

Let your imagination go free and create inspiring Christmas trees this holiday!!!